Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallowe'en!

Happy Hallowe'en and a Happy Birthday to me! I have met some wonderful friends through Postcrossing and several shared birthday wishes with me. Today's post showcases the great birthday postcards I received this year.

Eileen in England sent this card which I could see in Diagon Alley!

I met Michelle at the Postcrossing Meet-up in July. Guess what? She too is born today! Stranger yet, one of the other participants is also a Hallowe'en baby. Three in one room is a little spooky! This is from an old Canadian TV old I actually remember it! Love the stamp she used - thank you!

J.J. my friend from Washington D.C. sent this card of cards. The Puffin stamp is new to me - thanks!

Last but not least is from Alida another lady I've met through the Meet-ups. He birthday was earlier this week so another birthday shout out to you Alida! She used lots of really fun stickers to jazz up the back of the card. Alida always gets the neatest cancellations!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OFFICIAL Card - Japan

Reiko holds the #5 spot for cards sent from Japan. She sent this card which took 37 days to travel to me and looks like it went through the wringer. Warped, bent, watermarked and ripped. Love the journey it took to me! The scene is from The Parade of the Gion Festival held in Kyoto each July.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lottery Win - Sweden from Tiina - Part IV

Tiina wrote "it is never to early for Christmas" and I happen to agree. She found this card in "Old Town" (I am guessing that is an area of Stockholm). The stamps she used too are wonderful. I love seeing different Christmas stamps from around the world.

The big brown building on the right is the Royal Palace. Tiina writes that she {loves} Stockholm. On this card she sent me a souvenir sheet of Sweden's Europa stamp for 2013. You can learn more about these issues here.

A great view of one of Tiina's favourite places - Old Town, Stockholm. Another wonderful stamp celebrating the King of Sweden's 40th year.

The arrival of this card was bittersweet. Like all good things, Tiina's vacation had come to an end. This card shows a typical Kraftskiva or crayfish party. It is an outdoor party held every August. It is so important there is a special stamp issued. Looks like fun!

I cannot thank Tiina enough for sharing her vacation with me. The cards, the stories and her extreme generosity will be treasured for a long time - thank you!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lottery Win - Sweden from Tiina - Part III

Today was Tiina's husbands birthday. They spent the day sailing on a steamboat to Marstrand. There were local celebrations going on this day so it just happened that an entire brass band orchestra was there to meet the boat when they arrived. More of those delicious cookie stamps too!

Next up is this card from the amusement park they visited, Liseberg. They went on several rides and her husband won a 2kg bag of M&M's - my favourite candy!

A great view of Gothenburg harbour arrived next. Tiina shared that both Swedish princesses are expecting. You don't hear much about that Royal Family in Canada.

Next up is this card showing the S/S Storskar which take 1.5 hours from Stockholm to Waxholm. Tiina writes it was a lovely ride though Stockholm archipelago.

Vaxholm is on of Tiina's favourite places and she and her husband visit each year when they go to Stockholm. It was a warm 27C when she sent this at the end of August.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lottery Win - Sweden from Tiina - Part II

Card 6 came from a visit to the island of Smogen, a "fisherman town" where lobsters and shrimp go directly from the boats to the restaurants.

Next came this multi-view of Kungshamn.

This is a fun map of the Smogen harbour. Tiina was staying in the area where the woods and animals are (top right) and wrote saying they did see lots of jelly fish. Fun! Also, love the cookie stamps.

Card 9 is from Lysekil. This was Tiina's last day in Bohuslain province.

Some days Tiina even sent me two cards! Here is another from Lysekil.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lottery Win - Estonia, Latvia and Sweden from Tiina - Part I

Overall, most days I do consider myself a lucky person. I enter almost every contest that interests me and for the most part have had some pretty good wins. The lotteries section of the Postcrossing Forum is no exception. I have won some great cards just by being lucky. In August, Tiina was hosting a lottery promising at least 5 cards from her upcoming vacation. To say I hit the jackpot with this win is an understatement!!! 19 wonderful postcards with incredible stamps from three countries. It was the next best thing to being on vacation with her. I am going to split the cards up over a few posts as they really deserve their own spotlight. Thank you Tiina once again - you were so descriptive with your messages I felt like I was there with you.

From Parnu, Estonia her hometown, it is known as Estonia's summer capital.

Next from Riga, Latvia a big Christmas Tree. Tiina writes Latvians believe they were the first to bring trees at home. She also writes she has heard the same thing in Tallinn.

Card 3 is a map of the area she visited that day, Hunnebostrand, Sweden. The stamp is beautiful!

Card 4 is also from Hunnebostrand and Tiina writes about the hike they took to the hightest mountain in the are as seen on the card. Another super snowflake stamp too!

Next came a card from Ulebergshamn which Tiina describes as a lovely little harbour with white houses. They were intrigued on their walk that day to discover "what's behind the next cliff?"

Thursday, October 24, 2013

OFFICIAL Card - Hong Kong

F. Sham sent this card showing a view of Hong Kong Harbour from another era. She chose it as the area is  famous for its night views and to show it has not always been as modern. No indication as to when this photo was taken, but there clearly is a difference as seen here.