Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Estonia

Rille from Estonia sent me this multi-view card of the capital city Tallinn last April. She wrote telling me there are many historical areas that were added to the UNESCO list recently and the town was chosen a joint European Capital of Culture for 2011. To date this is my first and only card from this country.

OFFICIAL Card - Poland

This card from Joanna in Pita, Poland took 89 days to travel to me and arrived last August. It shows night views of the city of Poznan, where she told me she was going to study in the Fall. The top left picture is of the Town Hall.


Amanda from Shreveport, Louisiana sent me this multi-view card of her home state last August. I visited New Orleans over 20 years ago and it was a city unlike any other I had been too - fun doesn't begin to describe it! Great card, great memories.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Netherlands

Ans from the Netherlands sent this card last August. It shows views of a small village called Zierikzee. She wrote telling me about her hobbies and signed off saying "greetings from the land of tulips, mills and wooden shoes". So pretty. If I had to sum up Canada that way I am not sure what I would say...maple syrup...beavers....any other ideas?

OFFICIAL Card - Russia

This card took a month to arrive last August. Lina in Mezhdurechensk, Siberia sent this recipe card for a traditional Russian soup called Schi. To me this looks so good but with a husband who hates cabbage it would be hard to even get the kids to try. She also wrote telling me about the book she was currently reading.

OFFICIAL Card - Finland

Last August this card from Lea in Pori, Finland arrived. The views are of a small town called Ulvila and show a church and its bridge as well as the Friitala's leather factory, a 100+ year company. Also, Lea used another Moomin stamp - I am starting to see a small collection growing.

OFFICIAL Card - Germany

Madlen from Germany sent me this card last August. She purchased this card the day she wrote this on her visit to this castle in Buckeburg. It looks beautiful and I must say I was surprised to see how reasonable weddings cost!

OFFICIAL Card - China

This is another card I received yesterday, this time from Sunyiarm in Fujian, China. It really made me stop and think. This is text on the back - "A medical team for disaster relief from the Qinghai-Tibet Station of the General Logistics Department set up a field hospital in the Jiegu Town of Yushu County, providing treatment to injured people." Sunyiarm wrote saying the card shows the Yushu Earthquake from 2010. I must admit it seems a unique choice of subject for a postcard. Having said that, it is a moving portrait, such tenderness and connection. She also wrote saying she is a 3rd year law student at university and she manages a male basketball in her spare time.

OFFICIAL Card - Finland

I gardened all morning yesterday and it still doesn't look like a put a dent in the weeds. So when the mail came and this card from Laura peaked out it to say it was the motivation I need is exactly right. I love lily of the valley as they remind me so much of the house I grew up in. I am hoping to cut in a bed this year to grow them. Today just may be the day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Lithuania

Violeta from Vinius, Lithuania sent me this card last week. She wrote about her job as a kindergarten teacher and her love of the sun and sea.  The card shows night views of her hometown.

OFFICIAL Card - Russia

I received this map of Russia from Katya last Friday. She tells me her city - Voronezh, population 1.8 million - is not on the map. It is located between Kursk and Volgograd in the eastern part of the country. I find that mind boggling that it wouldn't be on - you figure in Canada that would be the 4th largest city. Amazing! The card also shows the Russian coat of arms and a loose interpretation of the Russian flag in the background stripes. The stamps too are new to me. They are also huge - almost 3 inches!

OFFICIAL Card - Germany

Once again, the German post simply amazes me! Last Thursday, I received this card from Andreia from Heilbroon, Germany. She had mailed it Monday, which was a holiday here so... Three days is incredible!

This card show Ludwigsburg Palace. It is just north of Stuttgart and a place she had just visited a few weeks earlier. It was the summer home of King Ludwig. I just love the flower carpets, now if I could somehow figure out how to do that at my place I would be one happy girl!

Friday, May 25, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Netherlands

Willemijn from Deventer, Netherlands sent me this card last August. It shows different views in and around her hometown. She wrote telling me she lives near "Het Baken" a school which is the grey building in the middle on the right. Looks very funky! in fact, all of these building seems to show a real modern edge to them.

OFFICIAL Card - China

Pang from China sent me this card of Yueyang Tower in Yueyang last August. The card had a matching stamp. They also used others so there was lots going on the back.

OFFICIAL Card - Austria

Last August, I received my first card from Austria. Danubia from Vienna sent me this action packed multi-view. I do not have many of these "mini-square" cards but they are yet another style of card that many Postcrossers collect. The only drawback I find is it does not indicate what the various buildings are on the back and trying to google them all is a bit of a needle in a haystack. I was able to find that the lower right corner is Schoenbrunn Palace.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Direct Swap - Karli from Canada

At the beginning of the month I figured if I wanted to build my collection of provincial maps I had to start doing something about it. I started to surf the gallery hoping to find some and more importantly to find someone who was willing to trade. Karli lives in Saskatchewan and had this great card posted. She agreed to swap with me within about 30 minutes of me sending her a message - sweet! I was delighted when it came yesterday. It is a nice map with lots of "extras" - the flag, flower and various wildlife that can be found there. There is even a Mountie as the RCMP Museum is in Regina. Then to top it off, check out the hand cancellation - Love, Saskatchewan - is that not the sweetest postal stamp going?!? Thanks again Karli for helping to build my collection.

Direct Swap - Emma From Canada

Around the same time I was in touch with Karli I saw a map card that Emma from PEI had sent. Again, shortly after I was in touch she agreed to a swap. Her card to me arrived yesterday and she messaged to say my card to her arrived as well - perfect timing! The card shows the map of  PEI, it's flag and I believe in the lower left the an illustration of the provincial flower, Lady Slippers. A great card - thanks Emma! I just doubled my collection in one day!

OFFICIAL Card - Belarus

Two cards from Belarus in one day - and this one was almost as slow - 44 days to get to me. This card from Alexander in Minsk, shows the Church of St Simon and Helena, which is also known as The Red Church, and the sculpture of the Archangel Michael. Neat to see two cards from the same city that are just so different.

OFFICIAL Card - Belarus

Aleh from Minsk, Belarus sent me this card 57 days ago - talk about a slow boat! There is no text on the back and I wasn't able to find anything on-line about Belarus and wheat but I am going to guess that it must be one of its major crops. From the handicrafts to the very funky head piece it must be used in many different ways.

OFFICIAL Card - Italy

I received this card yesterday from Paola in Novara, Italy today.The card shows beautiful night views around her home town. Funny thing she wrote me - she had just sent me this card a month ago under a second account she has. What are the odds of her drawing my name twice?!? Neat huh?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Netherlands

Ellie from Apeldoorn, Netherlands sent me this art card last week. From translating the back of the card I believe it is a card to support a local charity - Sunflower Association. The bird is a painting by British artist Mark Chester. Ellie wrote telling me she was at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games - lucky her!

OFFICIAL Card - Poland

Nicole is from Gdansk, Poland and is currently studying at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt, Germany. She sent me this card of her school last week. It is also known as the University of Frankfurt.

OFFICIAL Card - Netherlands

Marry from Garmerwolde, Netherlands sent me this card of Groningen, a universtiy town about 10 minutes by bike from where she lives. The University, founded in 1614, is shown second from the left on the top row. The city's coat of arms is also shown at the bottom of the card.

OFFICIAL Card - Ukraine

Helen from Kiev, Ukraine sent me this card last week. It is a map card of the historical part of her hometown. She tells me there are many "must see" places on this map and many more interesting small places too that aren't shown. This is so true of so many places - the typical tourist and the "real life"- it is nice to be able to see both to get a true idea of a city.

OFFICIAL Card - Finland

This card came from Paavaliina in Lohja, Finland came to me last week. It shows a swan at sunset. She wrote telling me how much she enjoys the Hockey World Championships  which began the day she sent this to me. The stamp which was specially issued for the Championships is from the game Angry Birds.