Thursday, June 28, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Japan

This fun map card of Japan was sent to me last week by Tomoko who lives in Sendai. She wrote telling me she spent 7 months in Toronto attending an ESL school. It was neat to hear her reference places in downtown Toronto I know so well.

Monday, June 25, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Lithuania

Last Wednesday I found this great multi-view waiting for me in my mailbox. I know some people aren't too crazy for multi-views but I do like them as they give you a better insight to how diverse the scenery or sights can be. Ieva wrote telling me about her exams, her hobbies and her upcoming vacation.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Direct Swap - Jean-Claude from USA

A few weeks ago I received a message from Jean-Claude asking me if I would like to swap. He had map card from one of my missing states and was interested in a few of my cards. We agreed and these are the two cards he sent me - a map of New Mexico and a "surprise me" card - a gorgeous view of his home state of Texas. Even with a little mix-up along the way he was happy with the cards I sent and we have another swap under way. I just love the Hawaiian shirt stamps he used - reminds me of my brother-in-law!

OFFICIAL Card - Germany

Last week, Ella from Hamburg, Germany sent me this card showing the Fish Market in her hometown. She wrote telling me it is only open Sundays from 5:00-9:30am and there is more to buy than just fish - flowers, pasta, fruit,veggies and more. There is even music in the Auction Hall which is the building in the background. I love visiting our local farmer's markets and this looks like it would be lots of fun.

OFFICIAL Card - Poland

I received this card on Friday from Jacek in Krakow, Poland. The card shows the Novum Collegium which houses the administrative departments of Jagiellonian University in his hometown. According to Wikipedia it is one of the oldest universities in the world having been established in 1364 and it is the oldest university in Poland. A great card coming to me at lightening speed - over 7000 kms in 4 days!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Direct Swap - Lisa from Canada

A few weeks ago I approached Lisa from Newfoundland about doing a swap together. I had seen a map card she had recently sent and lucky for me she had another one and agreed to the trade. In less than a week I not only got her card but she received mine as well. Slow but sure my collection of Provincial Map cards is growing.

OFFICIAL Card - Belarus

Last November I received this card from Nastya in Minsk, Belarus. The card looks like it went through the ringer on its way to me. On the card is a lithograph by Vladimir Sharkov of Minsk Town Hall.

OFFICIAL Card - Portugal

Paula from Lisbon, Portugal sent me this multi-view last September. The card shows views of Madeira Island. Love how blue the water is.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random Act of Smiliness - Eileen from England

Imagine my delight on Monday when I got the mail and found this card from Eileen. For no reason, other than to make me smile, she sent me this card from her holidays in Mallorca. She is there for a month and travels there every year. Jealous! Especially since we are in a heatwave and they are predicting temperatures with the humidity to be 43 C today. I could so dive into that beautifully blue water!

OFFICIAL Card - Belarus

Last Friday I received this card from Alexansdr in Belarus. The card is a great picture of a Golden Eagle. I have another card from this series and love them! Wonder how many more there could be? Also, I love the "M" on the stamp - my daughter's initial.

OFFICIAL Card - Netherlands

Agnes sent me this sweet folded Christmas card last December. The text translates to say "Merry Christmas".


September brought this card from Leslie. It is the map of her home state - California. She lives in San Diego and told me about some of the popular tourist spots. She also wrote telling me she just got engaged - love happy romantic news!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - France

Last week I received this beautiful card from Jean-Robert in France. The card shows 9 different lakes in the Pyrenees, the area which he lives in. The mountains look stunning. I included the back of the card as it tells the name of each lake.

OFFICIAL Card - Netherlands

Dagny from The Netherlands sent me this card last November. She is a Law Student and wrote me about her pets and hobbies. The view is very much what I would think Holland looks like.

OFFICIAL Card - Russia

Last October I received this card from Marina in Moscow, Russia. The cards shows views of various cities in Turkey. She did not write that much, perhaps it is from her travels? Who knows! Either way, it looks nice.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - South Africa

I received this card last Friday from Ana in Cape Town, South Africa. She wrote me many fabulous things telling me about where she lives (in the wine country), the weather (warmer than usual given it is now winter there (mid 20's C) and about her. It was such a nice message and a great card. The stamp she used is incredible and I am super happy that she left it intact as opposed to just using the stamp part if that makes any sense! My first card from that continent and a winner all around!

OFFICIAL Card - Taiwan

Mo Yang sent me this card last November from Taipei, Taiwan. The card shows the Linyuan Chinsuei Rock. It is a famous tourist attraction in Southern Taiwan. In the Rock are many strange rocks and stones, springs and valleys or so the card tells me. Couldn't find anything on this place when I googled. Mo Yang sent this to me with the perforated piece that would be part of the postcard book. I can't believe it stayed attached so perfectly, especially since it travelled over 12,000 kms.

OFFICIAL Card - Indonesia

Vidi from Jakarta, Indonesia sent me my first and only card from this country last December. It shoes a procession of Balinese dancers on their way to a jambu dance performance. Those head pieces look beautiful and heavy!

OFFICIAL Card - Belarus

This card took quite some time to get to me in February - 72 days! When Mark sent it he signed off wishing me a Merry Christmas and it arrived after Valentine's. The translation on the back says - "Bullet - Give it a snap and is flying the puck, The woman can rival the goalie Tretyak." The stamps are really nice too, much cheerier than our Christmas stamp issue.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Australia

This was the first official card I received from Australia. Mel from Queensland sent this to me last December. The card shows various wildlife from that continent. While some are kind of obvious it does list them on the back and some were new to me, so here goes - top - Kangaroo, Blue-winged Kookaburra, Clown Fish - middle - Echidna, Crocodile, Wedge-tailed eagle - bottom - Koala, Rainbow Lorikeet, Tasmanian Devil, Dingo. Mel wrote saying she had just returned from a 6 week vacation through Canada and the US - lucky! Again, this dingo stamp had me doing my bad Meryl Streep - at least my kids find it funny!

OFFICIAL Card -Germany

Inge lives just outside of Dusseldorf, Germany. She sent me this card with views of Cologne, Germany last May. The bottom view is of The Cologne Cathedral which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After reading about it on Wikipedia I learnt that it was the tallest church until it was surpassed by Ulm Cathedral - remember that card?!?. Oh, how I hope I make it on Jeopardy one day! Oddly, I do remember all this type of stuff!

OFFICIAL Card - South Korea

Rob from South Korea sent this card to me last November. It shows traditional masks of Korea. He wrote telling me it is a local tradition - the Mask Dance. I can't really find anything on the dance but was able to find this bit of info on Korean masks. Love the Air Mail stamp too.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Direct Swap - Victor from China

Three weeks or so ago I was surfing the gallery and came across a great Lunar New Year so I added it to my favourites. The next day I got a message from Victor, the fellow who sent the card. He asked if I would like one and let me know that he designed and made the card himself. I was more than happy to say yes to that! His card came in the mail last Wednesday. It shows the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. It wasn't until I actually received the card that I noticed his drawing is not only of the animal but is made using the letters that spell the animal. Genius, makes me love it even more! Thank you Victor for approaching me with this card, it is one I will treasure. He has a website that is almost up and running and tells me he has many more designs he is working on. I will be curious to see his future work.

OFFICIAL Card - Spain

Aurora, a teacher from Spain sent me this card last October. The card shows views of Toledo, Spain. She wrote telling me Toledo is just south of Madrid and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site based on its cultural and religious importance. Love the colours in this card.