Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Greetings from South Korea" - Direct Swap with Irina

Another fabulous "Greetings from" card this time from Irina who I connected with on Facebook. I found two facts on this card really interesting. I mean I find them all interesting but these were especially so. First was the babies age. I had never heard that ever and personally think that is a bit different - at my age I don't want to be any older than I have to be! The other was the fact the Rose of Sharon is the national flower. I had the biggest, loveliest Rose of Sharon bush when I lived in Toronto. People literally stopped when walking or driving by to look at it. Sadly, they don't do as well where I am now. Another great swap and a few more bits of info if I ever make it to Jeopardy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Random Act of Smiliness - Sini from Finland

Sini and I have swapped a few times in the past. Last October she was in Canada visiting her penfriend of 35 years (wowza!) and she connected with me to see if  I was able to meet one weekend. We spent a lovely afternoon together with two other Toronto based PC'ers and in a few hours a "random" postcard turns into a nice friendship. This card arrived a few weeks ago from her. The text translates to say "Flowers wither but friendship is eternal" - beautiful! She wrote to update me on her day to day adventures and to say hello. I must say it is kind of neat to receive mail now that we have met. When I read her words to me I can now do it in her voice instead of mine - know what I mean?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

OFFICIAL Card - Belarus

Kate sent this card showing views of her hometown Molodechno, Belaurus. Looks nice!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

OFFICIAL Card - Russia

This card looks great! A flag that looks like it is flying as opposed to being flat always has so much strength to it. I was kind of surprised when this arrived that I did not already have a Russian flag in my collection. Happy then that Svetlana from Moscow sent this. She wrote me that it was very cold but no snow, therefore no skiing. Here we have it all - snow, skiing and too darn cold -25 with windchill as I write this. Yikes! Great stamps too. not to sure if I have seen this series before.

Friday, February 27, 2015

OFFICIAL Card - Russia

When this card arrived from Kate I literally got teary-eyed. When I visited Moscow I brought back a tray very similar to the ones depicted on the card for my Grandmother as a souvenir. Thirty years later, the tray is now in my possession. I can't say that I use it, however I do remember how much she loved it and had it on display at her house. Receiving this card brought back a flood of wonderful memories of my Bubby and my trip. I also learnt what the style of painting is known as - Zhostovo. Have you ever received a card that triggered a strong emotion? Brought back memories in a snap?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Trying something different here. Stumbled upon this site called, new to me and I see I have a few followers - thank you! I am attempting to "claim" my blog. Somedays I think I am too old for all this!

One more way to subscribe to this blog to see the posts and others. Looks to me like it is kind of like Pinterest for blogs. Has anyone used this before?

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OFFICIAL Card - Taiwan

Alice lives in Taiwian chose a wonderful card for me - Mt. Fuji, located in Japan. The swans and blue skies are so serene and peaceful looking. It is also classed as a UNESCO site. Not too sure if that is her on the sticker/stamp she used, I asked but did  not hear back from her.