Friday, May 15, 2015

Random Act of Smiliness - Sini from Finland

Another Postcrossing meet-up, another wonderful card from my Finnish friend Sini. I am lucky! When this card arrived I had just finished reading this book, the timing was amazing. The book itself was OK, my favourite parts being the communication amongst the characters using flowers and plants. Sini followed up with an email providing a translation of the various definitions. Another beautiful Finnish stamp and a very nice cancellation as well.

Kukkaiskieli - language of flowers

Kielo - Lily of the Valley
Olen jo kauvan sinua rakastanut - I have loved you for a long time.
Red Rose - My love is making me wretched.
White rose -I can't.
Thistle - I am dying of jealousy.
Bellis - I favour you.
Nettle - In vain
Pansy - Courage
Thorn - No
Hops - humulus lupulus - I wish I could embrace you
Gentian - Thank you
Jasmin - I don't love, but respect you
Platanthera - I miss being with you
Leave of a rose - Share
Juniper - Wait

Write your name under the plant, which correspond the feeling of the sender. 

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