Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Direct Swap - Ashley from Canada

This is a super fast one to tell you about. I sent Ashley a message on Sunday afternoon asking if she would like to swap as I saw she had some Ontario map cards and Wednesday morning it is in my mailbox. This fun illustration has a little bit of everything going on and yet only has half the province. Ontario is so big! You figure driving from Toronto to Thunder Bay takes longer than driving to Atlanta, Georgia. Rightly or wrongly if I am in a car for 18+ hours I don't want to be in the same province! I am so happy that Ashley agreed to this swap as I haven't been able to find a provincial map card to send let alone collect anywhere. She had picked out a few ideas for me to send her and sadly I didn't have any "in stock" so I sent a close substitute. One day I'll surprise her as those are cards I can get just haven't been to that area in a few months....hope she can wait.


  1. I love this card too! Maybe I will start collecting Canadian provinces.

    P.S. I had NO idea Ontario was so vast - 18 hours?!

    1. I need 4 more provinces and they are going to be tough - the 3 northern ones and Manitoba - I have yet to find one even in the gallery! Having said that I've never seen an Ontrio one in the stores either so I couldn't even help get you started.


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