Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

I had set a goal for myself when I started this blog to try and have all my previously received cards posted by the time the kids were out of school. I thought 200 cards in 3 months seemed reasonable. But they just kept coming! As well, I wanted to have as many of the cards I received through swaps posted, although they could be "filler" at any time my mail was slow. Well, I kind of came up a bit short on both fronts for a whole bunch of different reasons. I undertook a bigger than I realized when I agreed to it volunteer request at the school and as usual had 1001 things I wanted to get done because it is just easier to do without the kids. Having said that I have about 10 cards I have received in the last week I need to post, another 10 or so previously received cards and about 35 cards through swaps (I had one super generous sender!). So, I am not going to stress myself about it and will try my best now that the kids are home. Hang in there if you are looking for your card. Trust me it is in my pile to scan and post and share my love for it.

I'll leave you with these two cards I sent in the last week - the first to China and the second to the US.

Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Canada Day!!!

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