Thursday, September 6, 2012

Direct Swap - Kobayashi from Japan

On the same day I went to the Postcrossing meet-up in Ingersoll there was a meet-up in Tokyo, Japan. The organizer there asked if any of us wanted to swap cards with each other. I and a few others did. Two weeks ago I received this neat card from one of the Tokyo members Kobayashi or "Panda-man". It is a really fun origami card that was signed by the 10 attendees, Funny thing is at the kids school I have gone in a couple of times to do origami with their classes (how I became an "expert" I don't know!) From this I was given the nickname "Origami Mommy"!!! I included the back of the card too to show the folds - also the incredible Hello Kitty stamp.  I much as I would love to fold it all up at the same time I like it all flat and pristine - one day maybe I will.

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