Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Germany

Stephanie from Germany sent me this beautiful card which I received yesterday. She wrote saying she did not have a card of her hometown and hoped I would like this one. It shows one of her favourite beaches on the Island Spiekeroog on the German North Coast. She took the photo herself while on vacation this summer. Simply sunning - I love it. I was curious as to what the numbers on the back of the shelter meant and this is what she wrote back to me saying "In German they are called "Strandkorb" (you may google to have a closer look at them, I love them). As you said it's a shelter, where you can sit or ly in while you are on the beach. You can rent them on a daily, weakly or seasonly basis and the numbers identify "your" Strandkorb. When you are leaving the beach at the end of the day and have rented for a longer period you can put your belongings in it and lock it up. They are very popular in Germany and every region has its own design.
I think they are a typical German sort of thing". They sound so fun!

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