Tuesday, December 31, 2013

OFFICIAL Card - Taiwan

Louise is a 17 year old from Taiwan and sent this card back in November. Getting closer to being caught up! She writes telling me Taiwan is known for it's delicious food. Her favourite is pearl milk tea and she asks if I have heard of it. Well, I hadn't until I l discovered it is better known here as Bubble Tea. Yes, I have heard of it but not quite so daring as to try it. I can't quite put my finger on why or what but something about the little tapioca balls kind of weird me out. Have you tried it?


  1. I finally tried Pearl Tea when I was in Taiwan last year. It wasn't as strange as I thought. The tea itself is a little sweet, and the tapioca was a little chewy. It was quite nice. It isn't an every day thing, but give it a try sometime! You might like it!

    1. OK, I promise the next time the opportunity arises I will try it and cheers you!

  2. Too funny - the tapioca balls also weird me out, so I've not tried bubble tea either!


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