Saturday, July 12, 2014

Direct Swap - Greece from Sini

So this card kind of has a funny story to it, or at least it has made me laugh. Since the postal increase I have been on a very tight and strict budget when it comes to purchasing stamps. I am slowing down on both officials and swaps and while tough at times it still is keeping me busy and happy. I saw an offer in the Forum offering cards from Corfu and "jumped" at the chance. Wrote my note, gave my offers thought the user name looked familiar but couldn't place it, fingers crossed they liked my offers. No sooner did I hit send and then I realized "Wait, Corfu isn't Cyprus"! I had totally misread the offer. Sini remembered our previous swap ( I knew the name was familiar!) and liked what I had to offer, I was too embarrassed to go back and tell her I had it wrong - yet, I have no problem sharing it here! Either way, it is a great map card she sent me....even if it isn't of Cyprus!

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