Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer Meet-Ups

This summer I was lucky to be able to attend two different meet-ups. Lots of swapping, shopping and chatting!

This first was July 5th in downtown Toronto. We met at the gift shop in the Art Gallery. It was so nice to meet so many new people and reconnect with old friends. Literally, the lady to the right in the photo is someone I hung out with 35 odd years ago! I'll save that story for another day! We continued through many shops in Chinatown and ended off the day by signing over 300 postcards!

I am the third from the right in the back.

Two weeks later I went out to Ingersoll. Hard to believe this is our third meeting! There were many new people at this meeting as Lynda and I sent out many messages letting people in the area know about it. There too were lots of familiar faces. Can't remember how many cards we signed that day, my guess is somewhere in the 300 range again. Should point out that LyndaC designed the cards for both the meetings. Always does such a great job. After the meet-up a few of us drove to neighbouring London and did some card shopping. Such great finds that day too!

I am sitting down on the far left.

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