Saturday, October 18, 2014

Direct Swap - Kathy from Guensey

Kathy and I just swapped cards a few weeks ago. When we had both received our cards in the first swap we pretty much immediately agreed to a second swap! This time the card she sent me shows views of Herm Island. Her message was fantastic! She wrote all about Herm (a place I can honestly say I had never heard of before). It sounds like a dreamy vacation to completely disconnect or as she says "switch off" from the outside. The hotel has no phones, TV's or clocks in the room. The island also boasts no cars, motorbikes or bicycles. One of the beaches, Kathy tells me, is full of shells carried from the Caribbean along the Gulf Stream. Hoping my card makes it to Kathy soon, it seems to be a bit slower this time around.

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