Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OFFICIAL Card - Portugal

It is funny sometimes when you receive a card and you can't even remember they last time you "saw" that country. Portugal, Spain, Brazil - they all fall into that category for me. The ID numbers never seem to be that far off from the Canadian count so it makes me wonder if Canada is on the "rare" side for some receivers too. This card arrived early November and was a full year since I received an official from that country. Diana wrote a great message about the state of affairs at her house having moved the month before and the day she was having. A great map and views- thank you!


  1. To me, Canada is a fairly rare country! I'd been postcrossing for a while and had received more than 100 cards before I got my first one from Canada. It took quite a while longer before I got to send one to Canada. Even now, I celebrate a bit when I get a Canadian postcrossing address!

    1. Helen - Let me know if you are interested in swapping!


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