Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Random Act of Smiliness - Montreal Meet-up from Elaine

Every once in awhile it seems my Postcrossing account gets out of sync. Mine has been like that for close to a month now. Somehow my received cards is greater than my sent cards. When this happens your name is not given out until it is equal again. There are several different reason why this happens which I won't bore you with right now. All I know is it can be annoying! This time I had received 8 more than sent. It can take a long time to catch up when there is a difference like that, especially when I send only three officials a week. Frustrating! In the meantime to make my mailbox happy I have the swaps I've completed to post or a few RAS like this one.

Elaine and I swapped some blank cards a little while ago. She recently attended a meet-up in Montreal and very kindly sent me a signed card from there. To say I was surprised is an understatement! I was thrilled that she thought of me. The card is not only a great design but loved seeing all the signatures. Thank you Elaine!

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  1. Very nice card :)

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