Thursday, February 5, 2015

OFFICIAL Card - Canada

Remember when I wrote the other day that receiving official cards from Canada was kind of rare - guess what? I received another one! Funny thing, the send dates were a month apart however they arrived a day or two apart. Who knows?!? Often in Postcrossing there is a "goal" to be the person who draws a certain number. For example, last August I drew CA-456789. The next big number people were aiming for was CA-500000. Josee was very close, as this card is CA-500064. Josee admins one of the Facebook groups I belong to and we met last summer at the Toronto meet-up. It was neat when her card arrived as I was truly able to put a face, voice, etc to the card as I was reading it. She chose a card depicting Aries. Nice as it not only shows a symbol of the zodiac but it is a Ram which is the Lunar New Year we are about to enter and "my year" to boot. Fun!

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