Saturday, March 14, 2015

OFFICIAL Card - Taiwan

This card is so funky! I love the colours and the design, but the story is the topper! Lan-yin sent this card showing the Goddess Matsu (or Mazu). Lan-yin wrote to me about Matsu and the comfort she brings. There was a fair bit of text printed on the back of the card that I had translated by one of the super people I know via a Facebook page - shout out to Willa for her help with the following translation - "Travel with Mazu! Life is all about learning to walk down the path. I believe Mazu didn't teach us to worship but to feel life step by step, as a human, as a type of experience. Our legs are made out of metal, our heart out of flesh. Grandma (referring to Mazu), take me on another journey please!" 


  1. That's a really special card,
    i love both the design and its meaning!


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