Saturday, August 18, 2012

Postcrossing Meet-up

Another aspect of this hobby is connecting with others who share it. From time to time members arrange to meet one another in person to chat about all things Postcrossing. In July I had the opportunity to meet up with nine of my fellow South Western Ontarians in the town of Ingersoll for one such event organized by Lynda. In hindsight (which is always perfect!), it was a bit far to drive - almost 2 hours one way. Once I was there I was glad that I made the trip. It was nice to see others collections, hear some of their stories and just generally chat with people who enjoy the hobby as much as I do. Lynda designed a great card which we as a group signed and sent to 12 Postcrossers who responded to a post in the forum. I also purchased some to send out and the response from those who have received them has been fantastic. Great job Lynda!

Some of the participants brought cards for everyone as a remembrance of the afternoon and signed them before handing them out. I wasn't quite so organized but did follow-up with a few of the ladies down at my end of the table who I was able to exchange addresses with before the day was over.

Overall, a fun day and one I would certainly do again - hopefully next time a bit closer to home.

First the meet-up card designed by LyndaC-

Woodstock Museum and Museum Square from alidam2

Downtown Tillsonburg from unicorn11

Colourful Snail Mail from lisadora

Two fabulous vintage John Deere views from Corinnacr

And a super fun "Love is..." from muddslide

And finally a slightly blurry picture of all of us who attended that day - that's me second one in on the left in purple.

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