Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Act of Smiliness - Io from Puerto Rico

Last June, I sent a postcard to Io an 8 year old Postcrosser in Puerto Rico. Two weeks ago I received a message from her asking for my address as she had a card she wanted to send me. I was certainly surprised to hear from her and just delighted when this card arrived last week in my mailbox. It shows the flag and coat of arms of Puerto Rico. She tells me the flag was a sky blue before the USA and that she has an original design of the flag flying on her house. She also says one day she hopes her country is free. I have to admit I really do not know the politics of the area at all, but read a bit about her country here to learn more. Such a sweet girl to think of me, I truly appreciate this small act that help the world smile just a little bit bigger.

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