Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Direct Swap - Heidi from USA

In August I contacted Heidi about a card I had seen in the gallery to see if she wanted to swap. She agreed and explained she hadn't been well, however would get it to me as soon as she could.

It was a really pleasant surprise to get an envelope in the mail from her a few days ago, not only with the card I had requested but two others as well! Best of all, I now have her address to send something to her! Heidi included a short note saying her recovery is going slow and she was sending a smile to brighten my day - how kind! I'll say it again, so many nice strangers doing thoughtful things for others just makes me so happy.

The first card is the one I asked for - the US map made up of the various State flags. The next is a complete collection all in one - LOL! - all of the US Presidents. The last is a nice map of the US. Plus, lots of fun stamps on the envelope.

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