Friday, October 5, 2012

Direct Swap - Lynn from USA

A few weeks ago, Lynn responded to a post I made in the forum looking for US State maps. I was lucky she did as she had three fabulous additions for my collection. In return I sent her maps of Ontario, Canada and Niagara Falls. She too received hers and was pleased with our swap.


  1. Nice to see my cards here! I had found your blog when we were discussing the swap. I used to blog my cards and put them on flickr but wasn't very good at keeping it up. I go back and forth on whether I want to start it back up. Have a great day and happy carding!!

  2. Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by!

    Keeping it up can be challenging but I do quite enjoy it. I find the writing helps as a mental exercise to keep me sane and not be all about my kids!!!

    If you do start up again please let me know :) Enjoy your day!!!


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