Friday, February 22, 2013

Direct Swap - Keelley from Wales

At the end of January I responded to a Forum Post. Keelley was looking for cards showing soccer stadiums and maps. While Toronto does have a team, the stadium is fairly new and not quite within a "normal" skyline view of Toronto. Plus, here it is all Sky Dome all the time so getting BMO Field is kind of a needle in a haystack. She was happy to swap an Ontario map and Toronto view and I was able to pick my cards. A totally hard decision. Not only was her trade album great but I had no idea Wales is as beautiful as it is! Finally made my choice and these came about 2 weeks ago. I always find it interesting when cards arrive at the same time. I don't know why but for some reason I think just due to the volumes alone they should be separated while travelling. Also interesting that neither card was cancelled, although one did get penned. Love the stamps she chose, both of the Queen stamps are new to me.

 This first card shows the Seven Wonders of Wales. and the next the Welsh alphabet. Keelley wrote that the Welsh alphabet does not have a J,K,Q,V,X or Z as the English alphabet so her name is quite unusual in Wales. Two fantastic cards - and she is just as happy when my arrived!


  1. Ugh, postmen/offices shouldn't mark stamps with pen. It looks so awful, as if a child had fun with scribbling over it. The cards are really nice though. ^^

    1. Funny you say that - when I got it I thought what if they drew a moustache on the Queen! You would think a hand stamp would be as easy as a pen, unless of course it is done here as opposed to there.

  2. The Welsh alphabet one is fantastic! I want it!


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