Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day - RAS from J.J.

Happy Valentine's Day!

J.J. had this card posted to me via the Loveland, Colorado post office. The cancellation used changes each year and this one is amazing. She also used some wonderful love themed stamps. Hard to say which one I like best. Not too sure why the post office but the big sticker across the front but it all just adds to the character of the card. Funny thing, I too arranged to have a card sent to her from Love, Saskatchewan which she received last week. Thank you J.J. this is my first (and possibly only) Valentine's this year.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Thank you for featuring my postcard! I've got to say, though, that I'm truly ticked that that post office covered up the beautiful image I sent. They did that with others I sent to other people, too. All they advertised was the cool postmark, which is the main (& only) reason I sent my postcards there. Had I known about the sticker, I would have sent my postcards from here. I wonder, can you peel it off?

    1. I haven't tried, I'm too apprehensive too. It is a bit different from the little skinny ones that are sometimes across the bottom of a card. Maybe they were intended to be put on envelopes and if by machine didn't realize it was across a postcard. Like all marks, etc just adds character :)


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