Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Direct Swap - Alexander from Canada

Alexander and I connected on a great Canadian Facebook group for swapping. Actually, it is kind of a funny story in a round about way. There are several different Canadian groups and I was a member in a few. The "main" group as I would have called it had more members (right around the 200 mark) and the other groups anywhere from 20-60 depending on the day and the momentum it was gaining. Alexander posted in the "main" group that he was starting a collection of Ontario cities and towns and I offered up Orangeville. For some reason the admin of the group was completely anti-swapping. I mean who just wants to talk about postcards and show them but not actually share or swap them? Or worse, get snapped at publicly if you do? Even though the majority of the members wanted to, she shut down any thread that even mentioned it. Odd, huh? Needless to say the very narrow mindedness and somewhat less than friendly comments had myself and several others leave that group. Why tolerate such a bully?!?! So, Alexander and I connected on one of the other much more laid back, anything goes if it a postcard groups and had this very successful swap. I am not too sure what I would receive in return as I just said "surprise me" and this card showing a great street view of Queen Street West in Toronto was just perfect. This was one of my hangouts in high school, college and beyond. Too many great days shopping and lunching, and nights dining and going to clubs. A great trip down memory lane, thanks Alexander!


  1. I've seen another postcard group on Facebook where no discussion on swapping is tolerated at all, and you can't even ask how someone got their postcard/s, if I remember correctly. Seems a bit odd to me...


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