Thursday, April 2, 2015

OFFICIAL Card - Ukraine

Katy lives in Kiev and sent this vintage view card of England, more specifically showing The Cascade House in Chatsworth. In her message she did not say if this was from a trip, a special place for her, not even what the view shows, nothing other than "Hope you like it". Personally, I do prefer my views to be sent from the country they are showing, this feels disjointed to me. How about you?


  1. Definitely! I've had a couple recently that weren't from the country the sender was registered in and they are always a little bit disappointing! I can understand if there's a good reason, but I'd prefer a Greek Card from Greece, for example.

    I know some people send cards from elsewhere to save money but I'm not too happy with that. That said, my preferences aren't for view cards anyway.

  2. I agree with Helen. I don't mind so much if the sender has a connection to the other country (e.g I recently received an Iranian postcard sent from England - the sender's partner is from Iran and they regularly visit Iran).


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