Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Direct Swap - Slovakia from Ondrej

Ondrej, or Andrew in English, lives in Prague and offered to swap cards on his upcoming trip to Bratislava. I jumped at the chance. My grandparents were both born in and emigrated from Czechoslovakia in the late 1920's. While I realize it is now two separate countries in my mind it is one. What can I say I am slow to change! In fact, it is "the old country", embarrassing to admit but I honestly thought that was another name for Czechoslovakia until I was probably in my teens. Yes, I am honest even when I should be embarrassed!

So, Andrew collects UNESCO and I had a few cards to offer and the swap was on. I was thrilled when this arrived, and a multi-view at that! It brought back some really neat memories of my Bubby telling me the story of her journey to the US and then Canada. Somehow I couldn't help but wonder if she stood in front of these buildings, admired these statues and so on. Thank you Ondrej, "ja vas lubim"!

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