Saturday, February 1, 2014

Norway from JJ

My brother in law certainly racks up the travel points! Already a month into the New Year and he has been in as many different cities for work and leaves next week for Sochi. At the end of November he was in Stavanger, Norway covering the World Curling Championships. Lucky for me he took the time to send me this card. He wrote saying it was VERY expensive - anywhere from $17-25 for a beer. Good thing you were so busy on the job! Thanks JJ!


  1. Wow, $17-$25 per beer; that's expensive. The card is pretty.

  2. I loved seeing this family lived in Stavanger in the 70's for a year.

    1. Wow! What are the odds of that! I love little coincidences like this :)

  3. No Thanks, I'm not that Thirsty.


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