Saturday, February 8, 2014

Meet-Up Card - Dublin, Ireland

Kodzos was offering cards from a meet-up in Dublin, Ireland he was attending in November. Never one to turn down a swap for a meet up card I responded to him. Funny thing, he never got back to me with his address or read the acknowledgement I sent him. Hope he is OK.


  1. Susannah, people usually don't expect to get a card back when they send something from the meet-up :) I missed this meet-up in Dublin, as I had left the country just at the beginning of the month. When I walked to the other (north) side of the city, I always chose to walk over that bridge hehe...

    1. I have found that outside of the lotteries section of the forum, most postings I have found (which aren't that many) for meet-up cards the people are looking to swap. To me it is like any other card and have no problem sending one in return. Haven't encountered too many that just send as a RAS, maybe that is what I am not used too ;)


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