Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Direct Swap - Claudia from Germany

I must admit I am a pretty picker swapper. While I do have certain wishes and themes I collect other than map cards I don't often hunt something down just because it matches a collection. Why? for the simple fact I would go bankrupt! Every time you see a card and think you "have to" have it,  another one, or two, or five pop up that say the same thing. Every once in awhile I see a card though and do think "I want it". I know that sounds greedy but I think you know what I mean.

Claudia posted a whole hodgepodge of cards she was offering up to swap. I instantly loved this card. Why? Who knows! I just thought solar system looked so cool and loved the square shape. I had absolutely nothing that matched her wish list, however was fortunate that she did agree to swap for a tourist view card. I just love this card. Saturn has always been a front runner for favourite planet but when I see Ganymede (fourth row, second from right) I think I might have a new one, even if it is a moon! How I would love that made into a ring! The colours are stunning. This might be a start of a new collection, who knows!

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