Monday, March 31, 2014

OFFICIAL Card - Finland

It's official - I now have a Moomin card in my collection. Tarja collects Moomin mugs and when she purchased one recently they were giving away this card. Without doing a full Google translate, as there is a lot of text on the back, I believe Arabia is a dishware/home decor company and this card helps to support UNICEF and celebrate Tove Jansson's, the creator of Moomins, 100th. I must admit while I thought they were cute I could not fully understand the excitement of collecting them. Now that I have one in my hand and see how cute it is in person, I do get it a bit more. What about you, are you yeah or nay with Moomins?


  1. I'm a Nay! They are popular here in Japan, but I don't really understand why. Your Teddy Bear stamps though....I love them.

    1. Maybe you will change your mind if you get one...or not! :)

    2. Hi Susannah,
      I have lived all my life with Moomins, so I have a special bond with them. I read the books as a girl, read them to my children and my granddaughter. With my youngest and my granddaughter I watched Moomins on TV. I am happy to say that my daughter-in-law who is from Ukraine adores Moomins of whom she had never heard of back at home. :)
      Saint from Finland


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