Monday, March 24, 2014

Thank You Card - Ellen from Canada

In January I drew Ellen's name and sent a card to her. I will be the first to admit that sometimes drawing a fellow Canadians address can be a bit daunting. I know I haven't travelled from coast to coast and have lived my life within a 75km radius (I know boring!) but you never know if that holds true for that person. Ellen had books as part of her wish list and I sent her this card which I thought fit that nicely. I must have hit the nail on the head as she sent me this beautiful card as a thank you. I ask people to share their favourite cookie with me and Ellen went one better, sharing the recipe - Chocolate Drops! Funny thing, I did visit Cathedral Grove about 20 odd years ago and somehow lost all my pictures from that trip. It is a beautiful spot, brought back many great memories. Also kind of odd, if Ellen used a stamp it went somewhere else, not even a trace of glue, who knows!

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