Thursday, September 18, 2014

Direct Swap - Ruben from Argentina

I must say it is really nice when you connect with a totally random person somewhere in the world and everything works out. In my three years of Postcrossing and swapping it only turned sour once. Maybe I live in a bubble, but I think it is nice that there are so many people who truly give their word and make good on it.

Ruben and I connected via Facebook. To be honest I was a bit surprised he agreed to swap with me. His offer clearly stated he was looking for flag cards, of which Canada was clearly noted as one he already had. After my initial confusion, I was able to offer a card with each provincial flag that lucky for me (or maybe he felt sorry for me!), he agreed to swap for. Funny thing, it took almost 5 weeks to travel and we both got our respective cards on the same day. He writes these are very typical views of the vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina. He tells me the best wine in the country is produced there. I will have to check that fact out!

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