Sunday, September 7, 2014

Random Act of Smiliness - Lisa from Toronto

At the July Toronto meet-up I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Lisa. The two of us spent one summer many, many moons ago hanging out at a local swimming pool doing absolutely nothing but having all the fun any 10-12 year old should be. I instantly recognized her surname as it is quite unique and was looking forward to seeing her. At first, she seemed to not be able to place me (which I totally understood) but as the afternoon went on it all seemed to come back to her. After the meet-up she followed up with this fun card showing Ontario Place from as she notes, probably about the same time we were hanging out in the mid/late 70's! So good to see you and thank you for the card!


  1. It was indeed very good to see you again!
    Will keep the cards coming from time to time.


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