Friday, September 19, 2014

OFFICIAL Card - Netherlands

Sometimes I think I take for granted where we live and the many beautiful things around me that makes our corner of the world unique. I know that the spot I live in is very pretty - rolling hills, lots of trees, the occasional farm with animals....same old, same old to me as I drive by it every day. When people come to visit us, especially those who live in the city are "taken back" by the beauty. I'm like, "ya, it's a tree".

Rachel sent me this very typical and iconic view of her village - a windmill. She writes that it "might not impress but it is gorgeous view". It was built in 1772, however is no longer in use. I totally agree with her, sometimes it is the small treasures that don't seem like a "big" thing that make our corner simply wonderful. Kind of like that tree I should pay more attention to.

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