Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Random of Act of Smiliness - Lisa from Canada

This week has certainly had a Canadian feel to it! So far, two official cards, two RAS and a swap. Fun to connect with so many other Canadian Postcrossers. I belong to a few different Facebook groups too which are nice, some are very loose, fun and all about swapping and others a bit more disciplined. Either way it is nice to see more of my country and meet people who share the hobby - and the thought of cheap postage! Lisa was one of those who sent me a card. Here is a bit of background on our relationship - neat huh? She chose this painting by Henri Matisse for me. Her message was sweet - wishing me a Happy New Year. How kind! Funny thing that Lisa would never had known. I had a goldfish for a few years in my mid-twenties. I kept him in the biggest trifle bowl I could find. This painting reminds me of that bowl and my really loved fish, Silver.

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