Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Direct Swap - Helen from Netherlands

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Helen from Amsterdam. She liked some of the Niagara Falls cards I had sent out and said she had a card of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam to offer. I agreed and yesterday I received these cards from her in an envelope. The first is of the Royal Palace. It is interesting to see as it seems like it is right in the middle of everything. Rightly or wrongly when I think palace I think of Buckingham Palace which is so set back and fenced. This is neither. The next card has lovely purple flowers and is an ad-card from the Alzheimer Society in the Netherlands. The last card is one that Helen drew herself - impressive although the colours really don't come out in the scan. I've popped her card in the mail today - hope she gets it as quickly.

My scanner is totally acting up and won't let me scan the envelope - it is a stamp we've seen before and one day I'll try to remember to try again.

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