Thursday, April 26, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Russia

Elena is the #2 Postcrosser from Russia having sent close to 1400 cards in 5 years. She sent me this one in early September. It shows the map and flag of Russia. She has marked where she lives in what she calls the Russian Far East. It is a tiny mark on the far right of the card south of Khabarovsk. In fact, if you look at a world map she doesn't look to far from Sapporo, Japan. That could make for some really interesting cuisine! The two stamps on the far right are ones I have received before but the other two fruit ones are new and fun. I really like shaped stamps even when they are simple circles like these.


  1. I think the stamps would be just as exciting as the postcards!

    1. I agree. It is interested just to see what other countries honour and acknowledge through their stamps. I read on one person's profile once they considered stamps to be the most resonably priced art in the world. So true!


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