Thursday, April 26, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Netherlands

While I have been enjoying revisiting all of my cards, I must say I will be happy when I am all caught up! While I am sure no one "cares" it is driving me a bit batty knowing I still have a hundred or so cards to upload before I reach that stage. So without further adieu.....

Late November brought me this card from Alida from Utrecht, Netherlands. It shows a street type view of what I am guessing are homes. Reminds me of some of the downtown residential parts of Toronto - Cabbagetown, etc. The stamps are all new to me and really fun. I especially like the one with the two hearts that look like lips!


  1. Isn't it odd the way the architecture has lots of curves and decorative elements and then they have these honking big ugly beams coming out of them.

  2. The beams coming out of the front of the houses are used for hoisting up/moving furniture in through the windows. Many Dutch houses have very narrow doorways/stairways, so even though these jutting beams are ugly they do serve a purpose.

  3. Thanks JJ! I never knew that and while I agree they are not the most attractive had no idea. I've learnt my thing for the day before noon :)


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