Monday, April 30, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Netherlands

It was fitting that I received this card from Ellen from outside of The Hague today as it was Queens Day in The Netherlands. This portrait of Queen Beatrix was done for her 70th birthday in 2007. Her actual birthday is January 31,  however it is celebrated on her mothers, Juliana's birthday as the weather lends itself better to the many outdoor activities that take place. Ellen writes that many people wear orange this day. She also suggests that I check Wikipedia for more info - my favourite resource - how did she know! Which of course I have and this is what more I found out. This is a really neat portrait and a nice addition to my growing collection of my cards featuring Dutch Royalty. One of the stamps also features Queen Beatrix.


  1. Love this one. I'm fascinated with photos of Royalty as well, although I don't go out of my way to find them. I happened upon some of the Queen the other day where she was smiling in a way that I'd never seen and it made her look so approachable and lovely. Beautiful lady.
    Happy May!

    1. A fun page on FB is The British Monarchy - daily updates on the Queen and Royal Family. They post LOTS of pictures. I enjoy looking surfubg it as you see her in so many different outfits and some very different poses similar to the one you described. So much different than how we are used to seeing her on the loonie, Twoonie, etc LOL!


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