Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Direct Swap - Michael from USA

About a month ago I contacted Michael about swapping for an Alaska state map card I saw in the gallery. He didn't have any and I subsequently found another person to swap with. Two weeks ago I got a message from him saying he had found a map card if  I was still interested. I thought it was so sweet that he remembered I couldn't dare say no. Yesterday I received this card from him. It is a geologic map and shows the many different types of rocks Alaska has from all the geologic eras but one (Precambrian - older than 543 million years). He is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Alaska and studies Atmoshperic Sciences. He wrote that it was super cold -29C but with little snow. In that case I would take lots of snow and a bit more heat! A really cool card and much appreciated swap!

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