Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Random Act of Smiliness - CaptainSoul from USA

Two weeks ago or so I saw a post CaptainSoul had made in the Postcrossing Forum. He was (and has been for quite some time) offering random postcards, unwritten and in an envelope, no strings attached. While that is not normally how I like to receive my cards the offer did intrigue me and I responded. Last week I received these three cards - a map of Florida, an aeriel view of Daytona Beach (a spot I have been to) and my favourite of the three - a Lighthouse Keeper adjusting the light. It doesn't say which lighthouse it is exactly, but the card is printed in Massachusetts. The stamps used were ones I have never seen. I especially like the highway interchange one. I have sent a card in return to say thank you - posted it on 12-12-12 - the last time this century a postmark will be numerically symmetrical. I know Postal Geek!

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