Sunday, December 30, 2012

Direct Swap - Niki from Bahamas

At the end of November I came across Niki's profile on Postcrossing and really liked a card she had recently sent. She agreed to swap, however didn't have the card on hand and asked if I could wait a week. During that week if you can believe it I received the exact card from my friend J.J. - what are the odds of that ?!?!?  Lucky for me, Niki had many other great cards to swap with and was still keen when I followed up with her. This card that she sent me shows the various coin and paper money used on the island. On the back it says "A popular Bahamian saying goes..."May you always have sand in your shoes and a dollar in your pocket!" Love it!!! The stamp Niki chose for me is a great one and oddly this card was not cancelled at all in the post. Hoping my card makes it to her soon.

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  1. I don't what it is about The Bahamas - I didn't get a postmark on the postcard I sent to myself & neither did you on the one I sent you. But, I saw postcards that I sent to others & they got beautiful postmarks!

    P.S. I have also swapped with Niki, too! The postcard she sent you was available in the Nassau airport & unfortunately, it was very expensive there. Also, a lot of coins/bills on the card have been phased out & are no longer in use/available.


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