Sunday, May 25, 2014

OFFICIAL Card - England

This flag card was in my favourites for quite awhile. It was a nice surprise when Brian sent it to me. Do you use the favourites feature? If so, how? Cards you love, you want, a bit of both?


  1. At first, I used it for cards I received and loved and cards I wanted. Then I realized that most people seem to use it for cards they want, so I took out the cards that I have received and just use it for cards I hope to receive.

    When I say thank you to the person, I try really hard to express why/how much I love their card, so I hope it makes up for not having their card in my favourites.

    What about you?

    1. I pretty much use it for cards that catch my eye and would like to get one day. I don't surf the gallery often and have just a bit over 100 cards in my favourites. Some have thousands...if I had that much time I would be in Pinterest too LOL!

      Sometimes I feel I say more in my thank you than the sender does on the card.....I do like to talk ;)


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