Sunday, May 4, 2014

OFFICIAL Card - Finland

Helena sent this card from her hometown showing the University of Eastern Finland. Her note was nice and told me a fair bit about her, hobbies, likes, etc. In it she says she has terrible handwriting (I can relate) so she types it out on a sticker. Fine by me, this way she can say more by changing the font too. What do you think? Yeah or nay to typing your note, terrible handwriting or not?


  1. I prefer hand written cards but have to say that some I've received so far were illegible.

    If I am right it's the Turku castle on the stamp, a really nice place to see in the city :)

  2. I'm with the preferring handwritten too. I've had a couple of typed ones...I always have the feeling that the person has a generic note that they attach to all of their postcards. I might feel better if I had a sense that the note WAS typed just for me.

  3. I hear both of you! Sometimes the handwriting can be difficult to read and sometimes it is "generic"..."Happy Postcrossing" anyone LOL! In this case at least she was able to share a fair bit of info and maybe not specific to me, gave ma a better idea of her :)


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