Saturday, May 3, 2014

OFFICIAL Card - Russia

Olga gave me such a laugh when she sent this card to me. On it she wrote, "My mom bought this postcard in 1981..." Yikes, I hope she knows she sent it!!! Truly a vintage card. The text translates to say "Happy New Year". She used some fun puffy stickers on the back and wrote she hopes they will arrive safely. I always use stickers on my cards and sometimes wonder too if anything that is slightly raised makes it or not. Do you decorate your cards at all? Stickers? Washi tape? Stamps? Doodles?


  1. I love decorating my cards (stickers, washi tape, using lots of pretty stamps... whatever I feel like at the time), it just makes the card so much more joyful I think :) As I received a couple of cards that had Puffy or raised stickers on it, I just assume that unless something horrible happens they are still attached to the cards when they arrive at their home :)
    your blog is really great by the way :) love to read it :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Stephanie! It is no nice to hear that you enjoy my blog!

      I keep buying washi tape and keep forgetting to use it lol! I find I tend to sticker in and around the address and usually after I write it out, not much room left at that point.


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