Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thank You Card - Danut from Romania

I like to try and help other people out, even if it is in small ways. I believe those little acts of kindness towards others is what makes the world smile. Danut posted on-line that he had a friend who was new to Postcrossing. He was asking if anyone wanted to send a card to her to help get her started. Now I will be the first to admit it is nice if someone offers to send a card in return but really isn't necessary. The offer might be "expected" (it is just being polite after all) but not too often do I take people up on it. Sometimes, of course there are exceptions, like when a card just grabs my eye. Danut had just that card! It is from the Egg Museum in Moldovita. The website listed on the back, oddly didn't have much and nothing in English. The link is the best I can find. These miniature works of art are extraordinary!!! Thank you Danut for introducing me to this art!

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