Thursday, January 31, 2013

Direct Swap - Kathryn from Australia

Kathryn and I first swapped through the "12-12-12" group swap. She posted that she had Year of the Snake cards to swap and thought it would be fun to add to my collection. Her card arrived last week. Australian Post also does pre-paid cards similar to Canada Post, however they do not have the matching image as a stamp. Having said that, the postmark more than makes up for it! She wrote telling me she is a Rabbit, the cutest sign if you ask me. I am a Sheep, not so cute if you ask me! What sign are you?



  1. I am a very cute rabbit, lol!

  2. Year of the horse

  3. You are a sheep? You should consider yourself lucky! Sheep are so cute & cuddly! I am a tiger & wonderfully enough, the attributes of this sign are completely me!


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