Saturday, January 5, 2013

Random Act of Smiliness - Claire from USA

Over the holidays the mail is always hard to predict. With the days off and volumes, some days you get nothing and others "too much" - if there is such a thing! This past Monday I received this delightful Christmas postcard from Claire in Santa Monica, California. She had offered cards she designed for Hallowe'en in the forum back in October which she sent me as seen here. Claire designed another card for Christmas and surprised those who she had sent to in the past. And it was a surprise! Love the colours in this card. (It looks a little washed out in my scan). It was sent in an envelope and the stamps were not cancelled. She also used some vintage sticker/stamps on the actual card which are fun. Happy New Year to you too Claire! This card was a lovely way to end my year!


  1. I love Pucca! I wish you lots of great mail in 2013!

    1. Wishing you too all the best and lots of mail for 2013!!!


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