Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweden from JJ

My brother in law has what many people would think is the coolest job. Even after all these years I don't know that I fully understand what he does but do think it is pretty neat. He does live television editing. The cool part is that he primarily does sports television. Don't get me started on the places he has been - almost every Summer and Winter Olympic Games from Lillehammer, Norway to Vancouver in 2010,  Qatar, all over the US and Canada, Russia, China and more hockey and baseball games than even he can probably remember. So many sporting events, so many missed postcards! Who knew when he went to many of these places I would have found Postcrossing.

At the beginning of December he went to Karlsstad, Sweden to cover the European Curling Championships. Seeing as this was a country I had yet to receive a postcard from I took this opportunity and asked my sister to have him send me a card. I was super excited when this card arrived last week. After my initial excitement, I'll admit I was momentarily confused, you see my "other" friend J.J. hadn't mentioned she was going to Sweden and I thought her handwriting looked different. Took me a second to clue in that it was my "first" JJ that sent it....yes, call me slow! The tag line on the back of the card is great -"Karlstad - The city of sun, flowers and boat-buses". The drawing shows The old Stone Bridge. JJ worked most of the time he was there (as usual) but said what he did see was very pretty. Rumour has it Latvia and Norway are on the curling tour next - maybe we will be hearing more from JJ - hint hint!

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  1. What a beautiful postcard! And how interesting to know about another JJ! (BTW, I have no plans to visit Sweden). ;)


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