Friday, January 25, 2013

January - Ayn from United Arab Emirates

In December, Ayn posted in the forum that she was looking for swap buddies for the year. She was looking to learn a bit more about different countries and people over the course of 12 postcards as opposed to one. I have never had a pen-pal and thought this would be a fun and easy way to try it out. The fact she lives in a country - United Arab Emirates (UAE) that I know very little about is an added plus!

This is the first card Ayn sent me which I received last week. The card shows Burj Al Arab, a seven star (yes, seven!!) hotel in Dubai, one of the major cities in UAE. Ayn lives in a small city which is part of Abu Dhabi, the capital. The photo was taken from Madinat Jumeirah, a neighbouring shopping mall and resort. Ayn writes that she has not been in the hotel before, however hopes to one day - me too!!! She also told me a bit about the geography and make up of the Emirates, which means States.

Looking forward to see what February will bring.


  1. What a great idea to exchange postcards throughout the year! Nice postcard and stamps, you are lucky!

  2. What a great swap buddy to have! My best friend has been to UAE several times - both to Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

    P.S. I hate to correct you, but the Burj Al Arab hotel is located in Dubai, not Abu Dhabi. :)

    1. You're hired as my proof reader! You are right - guess the fact it says Dubai on the front of the card is an obvious clue! Can you tell I was in a bit of a rush yesterday writing the next weeks entries? Can't promise there might not be other errors but I will double check :)


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